The beginning of this picture comic book starts off with a teenage boy named Ben Tennyson who is sitting outside of a dojo watching an upcoming tournament of sumo wrestling through one of the windows. He wishes he could be in the tournament, but knows that he is not old enough to go in. While watching the beginning of the match, Ben notices a very big alien by the name of looking around for someone with his sight on him. Ben quickly realizes that is actually looking directly at him and decides to be a good samaritan by offering assistance.

Ben 10 Sumo Slammer Samurai Comic Book:

Picture Comic Book Description: Ben 10 Sumo Slammer Samurai is a comic book about a boy named Ben Tennyson who can turn into various different alien lifeforms known as the “Ben 10” aliens by using an Omnitrix device on his wrist. In this form, he will be able to fight other alien lifeforms that are bigger and stronger than himself. In this particular story, Ben turns into Heatblast in order to [describe what you’re doing].

While talking, Ben finds out that there was a recent attack made against them by one of his enemies named. The results of this fight were so devastating towards [name] that it prevented him from being able to compete in this Sumo Slammer Tournament which caused him great shame. In order to prove himself as a warrior once again, he challenges Ben to a battle in the tournament. If wins, Ben must hand over his Omnitrix in order to attempt to salvage what little dignity he has left by showing that even though he lost before does not mean that he can’t win now.

With No Time to Waste:

Ben accepts the challenge and they both enter the ring. As soon as they’re inside of it, both combatants immediately start sizing up their opponent making sure they are watching every movement in case this turns into another life or death situation. While doing so however, neither one of them is able to notice an overly bulky Sumo Wrestler looking on from behind with intent on making some easy cash by betting against these two again.


Eventually, after both Ben and mutually agree to fight fairly once more, the battle begins with a standoff between them both ending in a stalemate as neither one of them can get a hit on each other. For a few moments nothing is happening until finally, they both take advantage of a blind spot in order to attack their opponent by simultaneously headbutting each other resulting in a double knockout.

They’re able to do this because earlier while sizing up their opponent’s movements, there was something that caught the attention from behind so they decided to test it out by throwing some punches from those angles which worked as intended as they were able to predict where their opponent would go based on what direction he dodged off to causing him to leave an opening for them to exploit which led to their victory.

After the match, Ben’s opponent compliments on his fighting abilities and even asks him if he could be interested in joining his dojo for some lessons since he admired how he fought so eagerly but politely declined as Ben was already on the way of searching out more new life forms that can join him. He then tells him that it was nice meeting someone like himself before leaving off, leaving Ben with a possible new friend who had just given him some useful information about where he might find some more matches which will always help out with the search for new aliens.

“I’m glad I’ve come across you two.” Ben decides to voice out what he thought about their encounter. “You two seem to be good guys and I’m sure the universe is in great hands with you two at the helm.”