1. A Muslim clergy in India has denounced a State Govt order, asking all students to attend ‘Sun Salutation – with yoga’ – Surya Namaskar in Hindi language – in colleges. He said: ‘It is towards Islam!’ Such instructions by means of non secular leaders divide humanity. Why the Muslim clergy said so, needs further analysis.

Islam – loyalty handiest for Allah

2. For a Muslim devotee, the harga haji plus  first loyalty is simplest to Allah, and there-after to his/her u . S . A .. It is an higher purpose, if Muslims consider in oneness of humanity; regrettably, it isn’t always so. There are about 72 sects and sub-sects in Islam; no sect/sub-sect sees eye to eye with different sects/sub-sects.

Patriotism for the u . S . A ., and respect for dad and mom

three. A Muslim will bow down only to Allah; and now not to his/her dad and mom, or united states flag. It is towards Islam teachings. A Muslim can sing the countrywide anthem/track, if it does not encompass words, along with: ‘Bow right down to motherland’. Muslims all over the World, ought to depend on the clergy – who’re fundamentalists – to interpret Koran, as it’s far in Arabic, no longer understood through majority of Muslims.

*Thus Muslim militants – Boko Haram of Nigeria, Al Qaeda of Yemen, Shabaab of Somalia, and Talibans of Pakistan express their solidarity to IS working in Iraq and Syria. Religion takes over-riding priority over politics. Muslims from developed international locations are shifting to Iraq via Turkey to enroll in IS.

*It is sudden, how Muslim clergy has successfully influenced the younger Muslims to combat for Islam, unconditionally; while the more youthful era amongst Christians, Hindus, and Sikhs is turning far from church buildings, and temples.


four. Muslims have to go to Kaaba, and Masjid Al-haram, in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, as a minimum as soon as in lifestyles, to offer their respects to the holy Kaaba, after they pass around it seven times. Doesn’t this ritual – Hajj – appear much like what Hindus do in idol worship. Hindus pass spherical and spherical the idols inside the temple, as a mark of recognize to the idols, who symbolise the Gods.

Do most effective yoga, and no Sun salutation

* Sun Salutation Yoga contains of 12 yogic postures, which someone can do in five-10 mins. Once the kid learns and does it often, it guarantees his bodily health in the course of his lifestyles.

* We all – Muslims, Hindus, Christians, and Sikhs – need appropriate health. There is nothing anti-Islamic in yoga. Let Hindus treat Sun, as God. Muslims can do yoga without treating Sun as God; although they too are thankful to Sun, for all solar power we get, which is crucial for our survival.

* Let’s expand fantastic mind-set. A divisive mindset can intensify an problem, and make a mountain of a mole hill. Let us integrate humanity.

Tackle larger issues for humanity

*Humanity has to combat larger battles. There are immoral humans in all religions: Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims, and Christians, in all international locations, who molest women.

*Corruption, drugs threat, and evading taxes are devilish trends usual in humanity. Let’s pray to the God and are searching for His benefits to overcome these devilish traits on priority.